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Sell a Property with us in 3 simple steps

Determining the optimal sales price and terms of sale of your home or property.

Putting your house or property on the market.

Accepting the most attractive offer, negotiating the terms of sale, and closing.

The sale of your home or property should be neither excessively prolonged nor a distressing experience. When handled by a professional, experienced, and talented listing agent, who is supported by a broker company dedicated to its agents and clients, a home sale should be exactly the opposite kind of experience. At Zitro Pro Realty our agents are equipped with the required degree of professionalism, experience, and support to ensure that your interests are put first, your needs are met, and your concerns are heard. Accordingly, our seller representation services entail, first and foremost, determining the maximum listing price that your house or property can be put in the market for.

Your Zitro Pro Realty Agent will, thus, complete a comprehensive market analysis to intelligently price your listing based on a series of factors. These include local market factors and neighboring property comparisons; your property’s condition and features; your goals and preferences; as well as other elements. Because our comprehensive market analyses are data-driven and not based on gut-instinct, we have, time after time, secured optimal property prices while shortening the time it takes for those properties to be sold. Setting the optimal listing price, additionally, ensures that the offers you receive and their respective buyers are credible, trustworthy, and viable. The next step is to devise an effective marketing plan that is specific to your goals, needs, and preferences and that optimizes your listing’s exposure to the best potential buyers. This plan encompasses everything from the days in which your Zitro Pro Realty real estate agent will hold open houses and private showings to the marketing materials that will be employed to how the progress of the plan’s executing will be shared and discussed with you. Subsequently, your agent will guide you through the different buying offers and the quality of their packages (pricing, financing, etc.). Once you select and accept a buyer, your Zitro Pro Realty agent will work to ensure that all of the agreed contingencies are met and that the process goes smooth until closing, in which both buyers and sellers signed documents at a title insurance company and the money is funded and transferred to you the seller.

Documents Needed to Sell your House

Gathering the following documents is a positive step towards ensuring a smooth process devoid of unnecessary bumps and delays.

The documents of all your mortgages and loans, including second mortgages and home equity loans, which will furnish payoff information and verify that all lienholders will release title.

Copies of your deed and title report which provide your property’s legal description and the exact names of those who appear as owners in the county records.

A copy of your original purchase and sale agreement

Your most recent property tax statements showing current real estate taxes and other information that will be required to prepare listing documents that will form part of the purchase and sale agreement.

Survey reports, which include appraisals, done since you bought your home. These provide property information, such as its exact dimensions; as such, it expedites the process.

Your home’s title insurance policy whether obtained when you purchased it or when you refinanced your mortgage. This document will help avoid problems and delays caused by title issues that would otherwise be revealed towards the end of the process, when so much times and resources have already been invested.

Homeowner’s, condo, or adult community association documents, including the Covenant, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the bylaws, the rules and regulations, the master policy, and recent fee statement.

Documents and receipts proving improvements done on the property.

Home warranty, which will pass to the new owner upon closing.

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