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About Us

A real estate brokerage firm based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Zitro Pro Realty was created with an impetus to meet the real estate needs and demands of aspiring buyers, sellers, and renters in all the communities across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Our services at Zitro Pro Realty were designed to promote a business model centered on the client, primarily, by integrating client-oriented values and procedures that we deemed were absent within the industry but that is absolutely crucial for acting in the best interests of the client. In so doing, we have ensured that, beyond the professional commitments of our agents to putting our clients first, our services account for the different meanings there are to real estate within our clients’ lives. Real estate does not solely signify transactions. As highly valuable assets, homes and properties serve as the means to invaluable life experiences for those who own, acquire and sell them. As dwellings existing within given localities, they are central to an individual or family’s well-being in innumerable ways. As sites that can house business endeavors and operations, moreover, real estate is key to the prosperity of a company. At Zitro Pro Realty, accordingly, our services are animated by these different dimensions to real estate. Whether a renter, first-time home-buyer, repeat buyer, investor, or seller, at Zitro Pro Realty we serve you in a personalized manner to help you secure your goals and fulfill your aspirations.

Alex Ortiz - CEO & BROKER .

With over fifteen years of experience in the property management, mortgage, and real estate industries and a comprehensive skill set obtained from a legal profession in his country of origin, in 2015 Alex Ortiz founded Zitro Pro Realty.

His vision for the newly established real estate broker company was to provide full, integrative real estate services to the communities in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region by empowering its real estate agents with the staff, information, and technological support required to meet the demands and needs of today’s home buyers, sellers, investors, and renters in a completely personalized manner. Additionally, Alex has been there two see every phase of the real estate market; from stable to stagnant, to downsizing, to recovery, and to upswing. Given Alex’s multidimensional understanding of real estate, and other interconnected areas, such as taxes, as his experience also encompasses over 5 years of tax preparation, Zitro Pro Realty’s model is to comprehend, be responsive, and give special care to every angle of each of the real estate services we render. This is what ensures that a real estate brokerage company rises to the level of the 21st-century purchaser, seller, and buyer’s needs, preferences, and demands.


Carol Ortiz - Vicepresident & General Manager

General Manager with background in Global Business, Public Policy and computer engineering, acting as a business consultant for the company in the areas of Management and Strategy, Operations, IT, HR, Marketing. The focus of service is the client, and around this concept we strive for proving a service that is honest, reliable and proactive.

The experience of the broker  pair with innovation from his team brings up the best outcomes in all the areas of the business environment. We are constantly analyzing the changes in the Real Estate Market, and that allow us to be able to adapt. At Zitro Pro Realty LLC we ensure you will be well represented. 

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