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At Zitro Pro Realty, we selectively hire to maintain a team of multitalented, qualified, full-service real estate professionals equipped with the required attitude, skills and resources to provide you with unrivalled, expert advice; to represent you with utmost loyalty, transparency, and diligence; to help secure your interests and obtain the best outcomes for you throughout the entire buying, selling, or renting process.

We not only rely on our recruitment and hiring processes to ensure outstanding quality of service, we also invest in the success of our agents. Zitro Pro Realty furnishes its agents with the support of a resourceful and competent staff and of reliable and up-to-date technological and information resources. This supporting structure enables our agents to focus on building solid relationships of trust, cooperation, and success with our clients; to render a personalized service tailored to your goals, needs and desires; and to empower them with the necessary information to optimize your negotiating position and strategy. It also ensures that the purchase or selling price and terms your Zitro Pro Realty agent helps you determine are based on real comprehensive assessment of the market in which the property in question is located.


Alex Ortiz – Broker & Realtor

Additionally, appraising the present and future of our local and regional real estate markets becomes an essential component of the support we equip our agents with and of the service they provide to our clients. As such, we are equipped with a real-time insight into the factors and trends that currently affect our local markets and those which are likely do so in the near future. This, coupled with the collective experience and expertise of our team, enable our agents to anticipate and respond to the needs of our clients, renters, buyers, and sellers alike.

Deciding whether or not to use a real estate agent should not be a burdensome undertaking. Our licensed agents at Zitro Pro Realty are assiduously trained and completely dedicated to serving our clients’ real estate needs and to fulfilling their goals. The selling and buying processes can turn discouraging early on without the support and guidance of a dedicated, dependable, and experienced realtor.

If you are a prospective buyer, you Zitro Pro agent will design a well thought-out and focused search to identify potential listings and match them with your budget, needs, and preferences. Based on this search, they present to you said identified listings and all pertinent information in a discernible way. They take additional steps, such as doing research on the property, to make sure there aren’t risks or factors being overlooked in the listing. Our real estate agents are local market experts whose expertise encompass the markets in D.C., MD, and VA and the varying types of properties there. They handle information daily about the development, trends, conditions, sales, and listings in these local markets, including that in which your property is located, if you are a prospective seller, and those in which you are aspiring to buy, if a prospective buyer. In short, they are completely familiar with the areas that interests you. Moreover, Zitro Pro Realty’s agents have instant access to numerous listing databases and sources that will not necessarily show up on popular online apps until long after. Advanced knowledge of and direct access to some of these listings, often bargain deals, is made possible by the professional networks our firm and agents build and cultivate. These same networks are a source for finding reputable professionals who perform other services encompassed in the buying and selling processes. From lenders to title companies, to attorneys, to home inspectors, to homeowner’s insurance companies, to home improvement experts, and interior designers, we can refer you to great and trustworthy professionals that can help you with different aspects of the buying and selling process. Our agents, additionally, are skilled negotiators who know how to use their skills and the information they handled to secure and advance your negotiating position and interests. A lot is at stake and negotiating takes place throughout the entire purchase and sale process. Thus, negotiation cannot be left to gut instinct and improvisation.

Whether you are looking to rent, buy, or sell, you’ve reached the right broker company to help you meet those needs and to represent you in securing your interests.

A reliable, experienced, and professional realtor and a supporting real estate brokerage firm are vital to navigating through the intricacies of the complex buying and selling processes to secure the optimal outcomes and fulfill your real estate dreams and goals. A lot is at stake in a real estate transaction and there are many complex decisions to anticipate and make. These cannot be left to improvisation or be based on gut instinct. They require not only due diligence but obtaining and discerning a plethora of information, something that we deal with on day-to-day basis and that our extensive experience encompasses. Comprehending and negotiating different elements of a purchase and sale transaction, from initial and emerging closing costs to inclusions and exclusions, is, at a minimum, facilitated our agents’ commitment to serving you.

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