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Rent a Property with us in 3 simple steps

Determining the rental apartment or house search criteria.

Identifying the most suitable option and applying for it.

Going over your lease and securing terms that fit your needs.

Zitro Pro Realty provides apartment and house rental finding services to help you locate and secure the perfect place to make your new home. Whether simply looking to move within the area or relocating from elsewhere, your Zitro Pro Realty agent will use an apartment or home search criteria personalized to reflect your goals, needs, and preferences.

He or she will handle all contacting and communication with property managers and landlords, will report to you the options fitting your personalized criteria, and will present to you all pertinent information about those properties, including floorplans and photos. Your agent will provide you with all the necessary information and take into account your goals, needs, and desires to help you choose the most convenient area, location, and unit or home. He or she will also work to find alternatives to a landlord’s application and eligibility requirements if there are some you do not completely meet. You Zitro Pro Realty agent will also assist you with securing the terms of your lease that best reflect your interests and needs and will guide you through understanding the them, once you have selected the best apartment or house and your application has been approved.

Documents needed to Rent a house

A landlord or property manager will determine whether to approve your application by considering a combination of the following:

Conducting credit and background checks, for which they will need a copy of your driver’s license or other photo identification, a copy of your social security, and an application fee.

Verification of employment or self-employment

Verification of assets – most recent bank statements and that of other assets.

Most recent W2 forms and filed tax return form.

Proof of rent payments

Previous landlord references and personal.

Additionally, a refundable deposit may be required to apply.

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